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All of our specialty coffees come from micro lots and each belonging to one single area making them 100% single origin.


Green Only – 10lbs +

Eje Cafetero

Green Only – 10lbs +


Green Only – 10lbs +


Green Only – 10lbs +



Green Only – 10lbs +



Green Only – 10lbs +


Our Blends are 100% Colombian beans of Supremo Quality

Colombia Traditional Blend

Roasted Only – 50lbs +

Colombia Classic Blend

Roasted Only – 50lbs +

“My name is Eduardo Aguilar and I manage the farms here in Colombia that provide Don Eduardo Coffee Company the exquisite beans that make our coffee the best you’ve ever tasted.”
– Don Eduardo Aguilar

To give the consumer the experience of flavoring some of the unique and best single origin Colombian coffees is our goal. And just like a good wine, with traceability from “farm to cup” knowing that with your participation, our objectives will be met.


The direct acquisition of individual plantations, associations or communities, guarantee that our coffees maintain total traceability from the farm to the cup, giving the consumer the ability to flavor a coffee harvested from one unique place and region in Colombia.


The integrity of working with the coffee growers insures wellbeing and socio-economic development. Safeguarding the standards of environmental conservation, and therefore giving back to those who are part of our process, our partners: the coffee growers.


We set parameters to insure that quality is priority in our business. Our controls over the process of harvesting, cleaning, drying, selecting, storage, packaging, roasting and ‘cup’ show the high quality we strive to maintain.


All our beans are carefully selected by hand, before and after being roasted, free from any defect, meticulously cleaned and naturally dried by the sun.


The complexities of a rich flavor are brought up by slowly roasting small amounts from medium to high medium, at those levels the characteristics of special coffees are enhanced.


The fruit is exposed to numerable exotic notes, floral aromas, woods, honeys, and a special blend of sugar-cane called panela; the flavors and tastes of soft notes of chocolate and caramel add to a well-balanced body; medium acidity enhanced with citric notes such as lime, lemon, mandarin, and flavors of other sweet fruits.

All our coffees have a minimum of 85 points on the cup according to SCAA

It might be difficult to imagine the world of coffee, especially the Specialty Single Origin Coffee from Colombia.

Colombian coffees are synonymous with high quality and this is due to the surprising amount of variations due to the variety of climates. We acquire our coffees from the mountainous area in Colombia at heights of over 1500 meters, it is there where these coffees with exotic, unique and special flavors are found, meeting our criteria of a minimum of 85 points in the cup.

There are over half a million coffee growers in Colombia, producing approximately 13 million sacs in 870,000 hectares; more than two million Colombians live of the coffee production, 60% of them cultivate the coffee in less than two hectares of land.

Along the lines of our quality criteria for each producing farm, the cup test is given to each and all, to establish that each and all maintain, optimize and offer consistent quality – always looking for perfection.

Our objective and final goal is: Commercialize the coffee directly from the producing farm or the associations, and work hand-on-hand with the coffee growers and their families, achieving in this way a well-balanced society, and an excellent cup.

Recognized for its production of Specialty Coffee, Tolima has one of the most complete ‘cups’ in Colombia. Farm owner families throughout the Central Andes Mountains, which average heights of 1500 meters to 2200 meters, nurture their lands and cultivate them under the natural shade of their own trees.

The farms vary in size from one to eight hectares, producing Specialty Coffee of high quality in varieties like Caturra, Castillo, Typica and Bourbon among others. These artisan farms clean their coffee beans with flowing spring water and then let them dry by the sun.

Tolima is also the home of the Paez, a Colombian indigenous tribe who made their home in this region since the Spanish invasion, they produce some of the best Colombian Single Origen Coffee.

Several of the family owned coffee growers, such as San Pedro, Gaitania and San Miguel are in Tolima. They have great variety and complexity of flavors including red fruit, citric such as lime-lemon, panela, soft chocolate notes and full bodied, and they score above 85 on the cup.

The geographical location of Nariño makes the coffee from this region very special. The particular climate of this zone includes factors such as 1666 hours of sunlight per year; 1866mm (74 inches) of rain per year; and its soil contains high percentage of organic material that makes possible to cultivate coffee at such height with temperatures averaging 68 F. (19.9C), which vary to a maximum of 79 F (25.9C) and a minimum of 61 F (16 C).

Due to these particular circumstances, we know that coffee from Nariño could be produced at heights up to 2300 meters and at relatively low temperatures, when compared to other coffee producing regions in Colombia, and other countries. It would be impossible to cultivate coffee in high mountainous regions if it wasn’t      for the heat that accumulates within the depth of the valley during the day, and comes up to attenuate the cold during the nights.

Nariño’s coffees are renowned for having wonderfully balanced flavor. They have medium body with exotic fruity and tasteful acidity, herbal and soft chocolate notes with slight touch of nuts. The coffees cultivated at such heights are developed very slowly, stimulating their complexity to offer the sensation of satisfaction.

Huila is a State in the south of Colombia, it is situated within the mountainous region of the Andes and is the home of the Snowcapped Volcano of Huila. To the south you will find the Archeological Park of San Agustin comprising several hundreds of pre-historic and pre-Columbian monuments and sculptures. The Magdalena River passes through the center of Huila. To the north there is the town of Villa Vieja surrounded by El Tatacoa Desert, and the Astronomical Observatory, also offering the opportunity to observe the stars.

The coffee producing regions of Huila are: Pitalito and San Agustin. They enjoy                   a well-known reputation for the quality of their coffee which is sought after at international levels.

Coffee from Huila possesses a fruity profile offering floral and fruit accents with taste of honey; its flavor has soft chocolate and caramel notes with a full rounded body. The complete profile would include very soft citric and panela flavors.

Different from the other regions, the triangle of coffee producer States of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda is localized in the center of Colombia. This region has easy access and good road system to all areas. It also enjoys great tourist appeal.

The different climates from the north to the south make this location special, and so do the volcanic soils, present throughout the entire coffee producing region, which lay within the mesmerizing Andean mountains that travels from north to south. The region is blessed with mountain natural spring water, not only good for the cultivation but for cleaning of the coffee beans.

The region has a great variety of coffees such as: Caturra, Castillo,Bourbon, Geish and Typica, all processed in different manners.

Within the EJE CAFETERO the profiles of the coffee flavors varies from zone to zone. Without a doubt there are several excellent coffees produced within this triangle, as some have been nominated to the highest honor of “Cup of Excellence”.